hello / سلامI am Azam from Lahore, Pakistan
a digital artist and professional

UI / UX Engineer

  • pentagon builders
    Website: The Caprius Studios Inc.

few words about me..

As you already know my name is Azam a Web lover, Proud Pakistani from a beautiful city of Lahore. I have been working in this field for the last 11 months and have a passion for creating and discovering new and effective digital experiences.

When I started my career I got a chance to design many websites.
Which you won't be able to find in my portfolio, Seriously :). I was very much satisfied with my initials. But gradually when I looked back I felt that I was missing something, Then I came to know that, if you are not satisfied with your work, then you have learned something. I used to visit design galleries like css mania, Fwa, etc. and found some legends out there and I considered them as my web masters.

Below you can see a quick timeline of my life. I hope you have visited my portfolio section. If you have any suggestions or want to say just a hi please feel free to drop me message. You can also get in touch with me through any of the Social networks. Thank you.
  • Born in Bahawalpur
  • School days, Happy days (Till 2009)
  • BS in Information Technology ..
  • Started career as a Web designer (Passion)
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Hey...Feel free to drop me a message. I love to hear from you. I believe that your feedbacks are my inspiration.
| Thanks for visiting my Portfolio Web site.